To introduce the project ideas and to present some particular characteristics visually, we will produce some video material in the course of the PEOPLE project. All videos will be posted here and on our YouTube channel

We will also share videos produced by other authors and featuring PEOPLE project or PEOPLE team.

Short video filmed and produced by the Slovenian PEOPLE student team, explaining how in the first PEOPLE Learning Cycle, the Slovenian team of students, higher education and industry mentors applied people-centred development approaches to an industry-identified case study.

PEOPLE team member Giulia Sinatti (VU Amsterdam) was interviewed by Antropología 2.0, a company and blog devoted to business anthropology. In this video, filmed by Antropología 2.0 at the 2017 edition of the Why the World Needs Anthropologists symposium in Durham (UK), Giulia Sinatti explains the essence of the PEOPLE project’s approach and presents the Dutch case study.

Five "Powering the Planet" videos from the 5th Why the World Needs Anthropologists international symposium, addressing energy as an indispensable part of our domestic and working lives, and the role of anthropology in the development of smart and sustainable energy systems that are environmentally responsible and people-friendly. The videos include all four keynote speakers (Benj Sykes, Sophie Bouly de Lesdain, Tanja Winther, and Veronica Strang) and the panel discussion. Watch them now and be inspired!

An animated sketch of the PEOPLE project's approach, aims and goals.

Real-life learning lab is experiential and problem-based learning and teaching approach where interdisciplinary groups of students work on real-life research and development projects that are practically oriented and involve relevant needs of industry and society. The process presents an ideal mixture of just-in-time knowledge and experience transfer and sharing between higher education and industry.

Key aim of the PEOPLE project (Erasmus+, Knowledge Alliance 2016) is to enrich existing learning and teaching practices of higher education by connecting students with industry and companies and through applying people-centred development approaches in real-world to improve or develop new products and services.

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