Volunteering as an important career step

  • Volunteering, roundtable, event, PEOPLE project, Erasmus+, ZRC SAZU, Dan Podjed

Are people everywhere in the world equally committed to volunteering? Is volunteering a completely altruistic act or does it contain a bit of self-interest? How do voluntary activities influence careers of young people?

These questions were discussed at a roundtable, titled “Volunteering between altruism and egoism: Why is it worth to help”, which was organised in Ljubljana, on 8 May 2017 by the PEOPLE project partner ZRC SAZU. The round table, attended by representatives of the Public Fund of the Republic of Slovenia for Cultural Activities, Slovenian Philanthropy, Biotechnical Educational Centre Ljubljana, BOB Institute, and ZRC SAZU, was held within the framework of three projects in the EU Erasmus + programme, which are currently carried out at ZRC SAZU. The three projects – Schola, Junior Citizens through Volunteering and PEOPLE – were presented in detail by Dr Saša Babič, Dr Katarina Šrimpf Vendramin, and Dr Dan Podjed.