PEOPLE project presented at the pilot study programme in Durham

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PEOPLE project presented at the pilot study programme in Durham

Between 13 and 17 February 2017, Dr Dan Podjed from the ZRC SAZU and Dr Sara Arko from Metronik visited PEOPLE project partner organisation in the UK – Durham Energy Institute, Durham University. Teams jointly worked on upcoming deliverables, planned dissemination activities and events.

As four MA students of the Energy and Society MSc are already part of Durham University’s Pilot Study Programme, shadowing the design of PEOPLE’s Learning Cycles, they looked into the implementation process and took home valuable lessons for the next steps of the PEOPLE project.

Details of the forthcoming fifth edition of the Why the World Needs Anthropologists international symposium, co-organised by the PEOPLE project, were discussed in a meeting with representatives of the Durham University. Speakers of the event entitled Powering the Planet, to be held on 28 and 29 October 2017 in Durham, are now confirmed. In case you will not have the opportunity to attend in person, make sure you follow our website for live streaming of the event.

Representatives of ZRC SAZU and Metronik also presented the PEOPLE project to students of the Energy and Society MSc study programme. The students were able to find out more about the project, its aims, goals, and planned activities; they were also invited to follow the project’s website and social media, and to provide feedback about the PEOPLE project.