PEOPLE project at the Energy Impacts Conference

  • Bergen, Norway, Energy Impacts, conference

From 28 February to 2 March 2017 the University of Bergen in Norway has organized a world-wide conference titled Energy impacts: People, Responsibilities and the Contested Futures of Energy DevelopmentsPEOPLE project, Erasmus+, Knowledge Alliances, Bergen, Norway, Energy Impacts, conference, presentation.  Social scientists worldwide are engaged in research, policy-making and grassroots action that aims to highlight the social, health, environmental and political impacts related to energy developments. The aim of the conference was to discuss issues pertaining to the social impacts of an accelerated pace and intensity of resource extraction and energy developments on an expanding scale.

PEOPLE project had the opportunity to present its concept, case studies and some preliminary results to the community of different scientist (e.g. anthropologists, geographers, geologists, sociologists), all involved in energy related research. In addition, PEOPLE project has joined the Energy Anthropology Network that brings together anthropologists concerned with energy research, to coordinate and consolidate debates about energies, and to support new anthropological approaches to energy questions.