Coming up this October in Durham, UK: PEOPLE project at Why the World Needs Anthropologists event!

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Combining people-centred development and applied humanities and social sciences with energy efficiency and sustainable living, the PEOPLE project is a perfect fit for the 5th edition of Why the World Needs Anthropologists international symposium! We are proud to be part of this year’s Powering the Planet event, brought to you by the EASA Applied Anthropology Network and co-organisers.

Taking place on 28 and 29 October 2017 in the Arnold Wolfendale Lecture Theatre Calman Centre, Durham (UK), the symposium will bring together speakers from the academia, industry, and in-between. On the first day, four speakers will explore how energy professionals and anthropologists benefit from each other’s knowledge and approaches, what the role of culture in energy technology is, how technology-based thinking can be humanised, and how we can cooperate to design and deploy innovations that will alter the world for the better. On the second day, workshops on energy- and career-related topics will be delivered by anthropologists, practitioners, and representatives of NGOs. We have more information right here. Also visit the symposium website for full programme and updates.

Save the date, plan your travel, get inspired, and, of course, meet with the PEOPLE project team at the event’s Energy Hotspot.