Bottom-up Approach in the Transition to Natural Gas-Free Living: PEOPLE Case-Study in the Netherlands

  • Alliander, PEOPLE project, Erasmus+, case study in the Netherlands, industry partner, social sciences, people-centred

As the first PEOPLE Learning Cycle is launched, we are thrilled to present our case study in the Netherlands. Mentored jointly by PEOPLE partner organisations the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and company Alliander, a team of four students will have the opportunity to work on this exciting, industry- and environment-relevant case.

PEOPLE case studies bring together students, university educators, business professionals, and users of products and services to foster a balanced exchange of knowledge, skills, and experience. Applying different people-centred development approaches, local development teams of students, academic mentors, business professionals, and users will be cooperating in the development and testing of new industry solutions tailored to the needs of communities in the field of sustainable living and energy. Four partner countries, four challenging case studies!

In PEOPLE case study in the Netherlands, our interdisciplinary team of PEOPLE students (anthropology, sociology, and organisational studies) will focus on a bottom-up, neighbourhood-oriented approach in the transition to natural gas-free living. Alliander, a Dutch monopolist Distribution System Operator, has initiated a ‘natural gas-transition program’ to address the challenges that this entails in multidisciplinary teams. PEOPLE students will contribute by tackling concrete issues and tasks within these teams. For example, they will map local dynamics at a neighbourhood level and will be asked to translate this into visualisations and reports for Alliander employees and teams. Analysing, identifying and applying local dynamics is still a missing link in the overall strategic environment management of energy companies such as Alliander. PEOPLE students will help to bridge this gap, and in doing so, make a significant contribution to a people-friendly transition to a natural gas-free future in the Netherlands.

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