Sharing our experiences at University Industry Innovation Network’s blog

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PEOPLE project was recently published at the UIIN blog. The University Industry Innovation Network is an international network of academics, practitioners and business professionals focused on establishing and improving relationships between education and industry. UIIN is dedicated to creating a connected society where universities are a key stakeholder in driving and facilitating inclusive growth, entrepreneurial ecosystems and innovation districts through regional engagement.

In our guest post on UIIN blog, Giving Power to PEOPLE!, project manager Gregor Cerinšek (IRI UL) writes about the importance of people-centred design and development approaches for the energy and sustainability industries. He explains how, through its Learning Cycles, PEOPLE addresses the lack of people-centredness in industry, the missing link in skills and competences expected from social science students by the industry, and the potential of problem-based learning and experimental teaching approaches in anthropology, sociology, and related fields. Go to UIIN blog to read it all!