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Here, we will continuously post updates on the PEOPLE Community development, activities, and all related documents.

Namely, the PEOPLE Consortium has set a goal to form, manage, and sustain a PEOPLE Community as an enlarged knowledge alliance between higher education, research, and industry at the local levels and at wider EU environment. The community will be a key exploitable result of the project, ideally being sustained and further developed also after its lifetime.

All the associated partners already form the initial PEOPLE community. However, the community will be enhanced by including additional stakeholders from all three parts of the knowledge triangle (HE-research-industry) and relevant EU-wide networks.

The PEOPLE community has 2 main objectives,

1) i.e. to facilitate and encourage the exchange, flow and co-creation of knowledge between partners of the community and

2) to stimulate the exchange of students, researchers, teaching staff, and company staff within the community, sharing common goals and working together towards mutual results and benefits.

The activities will aim towards strengthening the employability of sociology, psychology and anthropology graduates, stimulating their creativity and entrepreneurship, forming new professional paths and overall fostering innovation and improving quality and relevance of the higher education in general.

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  • Durham UniversityVU Amsterdam
  • ALLIANDERCharles University

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