PEOPLE Newsletter No. 3 – Perspectives on people-centred development approaches

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In the third issue of the PEOPLE newsletter, we bring you diverse perspectives on people-centred innovation and development of products and services in the energy efficiency and sustainable living industries. Why is the role of social scientists crucial for the development of people- and environment-friendly products and services? What do anthropologists, sociologists, or psychologists bring into the development teams? We talked with higher education and industry representatives, while social sciences and humanities students, participating in PEOPLE, present their perspectives on the exciting case studies.

As social scientists, we bring specific knowledge and skills to innovation and development of products or services in the sustainable living and energy sectors. The challenges within these fields are predominantly approached through a technical, ecological or even economic lens and are therefore in dire need of human perspectives. These are provided by people-centred development and design approaches.

Within PEOPLE, we believe in co-creation with people who will be using the products we are developing or services we are providing. This provides us the valuable knowledge about their perspective, needs, beliefs, and desires. In the PEOPLE Learning Cycles, students, teachers and industry professionals each have their own part to play in rising up to the challenges of our four different case studies. This too provides for different perspectives on the research process and its added value for the industry.

In this third PEOPLE newsletter issue (find our previous issues here), our students present their case studies and elaborate on their research experiences. You can find out more about the industry perspective of our PEOPLE project team member Gerriëtte Mollink, consultant at Alliander, and a teacher’s perspective as we introduce project partner Professor Sandra Bell, Durham University. And the perspective of the engineers? Featured is an the interview with Peter op ‘t Veld, senior consultant at Huygen Installatie Adviseurs and coordinator of the Horizon 2020 MOBISTYLE Project.

PEOPLE project, Newsletters, Newsletter No. 3, people-centred design, people-centred development, Erasmus+, industry, anthropology, Sandra Bell