Twice per each of the three project years, we will publish a PEOPLE Newsletter, highlighting the progress of the project’s work plan, as well as providing insights into the research and demonstration activities. All newsletter issues will be available for download on this site. Read the second issue of the PEOPLE newsletter.

Stay tuned, if you are interested in people-centred design and development approaches, qualitative research in industry, energy and sustainable living, or the progress of the PEOPLE project in general.

Newsletter # 2

In this second issue of our PEOPLE Newsletter, read about PEOPLE project's launch of the first Learning Cycle and our fascinating interdisciplinary case-studies in energy and sustainable living. See how we're contributing to this year's Why the World Needs Anthropologists symposium and meet with us in Durham, UK. Check out what Maja Hojer Bruun, Techno-Anthropology research group at Aalborg University, shared with us on technologised human interaction. We are proudly presenting Dan Podjed, PEOPLE team member and convenor of the EASA Applied Anthropology Network.

Newsletter # 1

"Are you interested in innovation in sustainable living and energy and/or innovation in education? Would you like to know more on the ways in which PEOPLE empowers end-users and invites them to co-create together with students and industry professionals? Would you like to learn about the experiences of design anthropologist Anna Kirah and senior lecturer Ellen Bal, both part of the PEOPLE team? Or the first PEOPLE pilot in Durham, UK? You can read all about it in the first issue of the PEOPLE newsletter!"

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