The PEOPLE project published six Newsletters, highlighting the progress of the project’s work plan, as well as providing insights into the research and demonstration activities.

The newsletters feature interviews with world leading experts on people-centred development, applied social science research, university-business cooperation, as well as contributions on people-centred design and development approaches, and the progress and activities of the PEOPLE project.


Check out our 6th and final edition of the PEOPLE project's newsletter. At the end of the project funding period, we look into the evaluation process and explore how our key three target groups – students, higher education teachers, and industry professionals – have benefitted from participating in the project activities. We share how the sixteen Sustainable Cafés have contributed to building the PEOPLE community, and how PEOPLE has been shaping European curricula. See also what happened at our 2nd Co-Creation Camp, find links to our podcast episode on the Human Show, and read about the grand finale of the project - the PEOPLE workshop at the 7th Why the World Needs Anthropologists symposium. On the front and back page, we summarise our learnings in the PEOPLE Manifesto and in the eleven People-Centred Development Principles. 

Newsletter # 5

The fifth edition of PEOPLE’s newsletter is dedicated to the topic of education innovation. The PEOPLE project stepped into its third and final year and we are wrapping up our second Learning Cycle with new teams of students in Slovenia, UK, the Netherlands, and Czechia. Our university mentors share their experience about the ways in which PEOPLE has allowed them to innovate their everyday education practice. To get a wider perspective on the university-business cooperation, its challenges, benefits, and its future, read our interview with Peter Baur, a Senior Expert in the Innovation and EIT unit at the European Commission's Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture. Our project team member, Dr Sara Arko (Metronik), shares her experience in bridging between anthropology and industry, and discusses how these two seemingly unlikely companions were brought together in PEOPLE.

Newsletter # 4

PEOPLE project, newsletter, newsletters, people-centred development, deign, front page, No. 4, October 2018

The fourth issue of the PEOPLE Newsletter is dedicated to the topic of this year's edition of Why the World Needs Anthropologists symposium: designing the future. You will find out how we've been working on the future at our 1st Co-Creation Camp in Amsterdam and which are the case studies for the 2nd Learning Cycle. Enjoy our interview with Sarah Pink, an applied anthropologist researching emerging technologies and automated futures. We are proudly presenting our PEOPLE team member, sociologist Jan Urban and one of PEOPLE's heroes, mechanical engineer Jure Vetršek. And a glimpse into the future of WWNA symposium!

Newsletter # 3

PEOPLE project, Newsletters, Newsletter No. 3, Erasmus+, Erasmus Plus, Perspectives, industry, social sciences, anthropology, Gerriette Mollink, Giulia Sinatti, Sandra Bell, Durham University, Peter Op't Veld, H2020, MOBISTYLE, energy efficiency, people-centred design

In the third issue of the PEOPLE Newsletter, PEOPLE students present their case studies and research experience. You can find out more about the industry perspective of our PEOPLE project team member Gerriëtte Mollink, consultant at Alliander, and a teacher’s perspective as we introduce Professor Sandra Bell, Durham University. Also featured is an interview with Peter op 't Veld, senior consultant at Huygen Installatie Adviseurs and coordinator of the Horizon 2020 MOBISTYLE Project.

Newsletter # 2

PEOPLE project, Newsletters, Newsletter No. 2, Erasmus+, Erasmus Plus, Why the World Needs Anthropologists, Durham, Maja Hojer Bruun, Dan Podjed

In this second issue of our PEOPLE Newsletter, read about PEOPLE project's launch of the first Learning Cycle and our fascinating interdisciplinary case-studies in energy and sustainable living. See how we're contributing to this year's Why the World Needs Anthropologists symposium and meet with us in Durham, UK. Check out what Maja Hojer Bruun, Techno-Anthropology research group at Aalborg University, shared with us on technologised human interaction. We are proudly presenting Dan Podjed, PEOPLE team member and convenor of the EASA Applied Anthropology Network.

Newsletter # 1

PEOPLE project, Newsletters, Newsletter No. 1, Erasmus+, Erasmus Plus, Anna Kirah, Ellen Bal, first results, energy efficiency, sustainable living

Are you interested in innovation in sustainable living and energy and/or innovation in education? Would you like to know more on the ways in which PEOPLE empowers end-users and invites them to co-create together with students and industry professionals? Would you like to learn about the experiences of design anthropologist Anna Kirah and senior lecturer Ellen Bal, both part of the PEOPLE team? Or the first PEOPLE pilot in Durham, UK? You can read all about it in the first issue of the PEOPLE newsletter!

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