PEOPLE project contributed to Bee Box, an innovation process tool

  • innovation process tool Bee Box and PEOPLE project

In February, the Slovenian PEOPLE team took part in a co-creative workshop, which contributed to the testing and refinement of an innovation process tool Bee Box, created by a design thinking specialist and human technology engineer Joery Schotanus.

Bee Box is conceived as a tool that supports the entire innovation process, from empathy to business pitching. As described by its creator Joery Schotanus, Bee Box can be used to support interdisciplinary project teams in designing the project structure, it can help them to prioritise, visualise and optimise different aspects of the project, as well as to create a common understanding of the project, a clear vision of what the end-users of products or services need, and how those needs can best be met.

We already wrote about how the Slovenian PEOPLE students, industry and academic mentors used Bee Box to orient the course of their ongoing research, to frame their research questions and organise the forthcoming tasks. We recognised the added value of this tool for managing and organising interdisciplinary team with the elements of people-centred design.

We are proud that our team could take part in the testing of the Bee Box tool and contribute to its refinement and the facilitation process – read more about the background and development of the tool, as well as PEOPLE’s contribution, in Joery Schotanus’s article. As he writes, empathy is about our attitude towards other team members and the people we design for. Closely related to PEOPLE project’s understanding of people-centred development approaches, Joery sees the Bee Box as a tool that facilitates creating an emphatic project environment – with valuable products or services as a result.