PEOPLE Team Member Dr Leonard Anderson in Line for Award

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Dr Leonard Anderson, CEO of PEOPLE project’s industry partner Kemuri, has been shortlisted for Telecare Services Association’s Driving Digital Challenge award.  The KemuriSense Smart Power Socket is an innovative monitoring device that can assist older people to live independently in their own homes.  Congratulations! 

Leonard Anderson, Woking News & Mail, inventor, newspaper article, Kemuri
Dr Leonard Anderson, Kemuri CEO, in Woking News & Mail newspaper, 19. 10. 2017, p. 18

Kemuri is a Japanese work for ‘smoke’, Kemuri team explains the original idea behind the Kemuri socket. Before the days of gas central heating, every household would light a fire in the morning to cook breakfast and warm the kitchen. Every house had plume of smoke from the chimney, signalling activity, and the neighbours would know that somebody living alone was well. The Kemuri sockets are “the smoking chimney” of the digital age. They look like standard UK double power sockets and function as a normal power socket, but are fitted with multiple sensors to measure motion, temperature, power usage, humidity and power supply. They monitor for instance the use of electrical power for kitchen appliances like kettles and microwaves. The Kemuri app alerts a family member or a professional carer when there are significant changes in a person’s normal daily activity that would require an investigation.


Kemuri, KemuriSense, smart power socket, IoT, PEOPLE project, industry partner
KemuriSense Smart Power Socket – “the smoking chimney” of the digital age

Read more about the PEOPLE project’s UK case-study here. In partnership between Durham Energy Institute and Kemuri, six taught postgraduate students will apply people-centred development approaches to study how housing managers need and use Kemuri’s telecare service.