Interview with PEOPLE project team member

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PEOPLE project was featured on Antropología 2.0, a blog devoted to “practical, ethical and methodological development of Business Anthropology worldwide”.  They interviewed our PEOPLE team member, anthropologist Giulia Sinatti (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam). In the interview, she explains how we are bringing together social sciences and industry by implementing PEOPLE Learning Cycles.

In four PEOPLE partner countries, social science students are working hand-in-hand with our higher education and industry partners to solve real-life business challenges in the fields of energy and sustainability. Giulia Sinatti also presents our Dutch case study, where the students are focusing on a bottom-up, neighbourhood-oriented approach in the transition to natural gas-free living in the Netherlands. The students are jointly mentored by VU Amsterdam and Alliander, a Dutch energy network company.

In the interview, available both in English and Spanish, she also discusses the relation between people-centred design and anthropology:

To me, design anthropology is undertaking research that is both scientifically informed and contributes to answer concrete, practical questions. As an anthropologist, this means doing more than just generating knowledge, which is what we traditionally do. It requires becoming involved also in the process of translating that knowledge into practical solutions in collaboration with practitioners. On both sides, this calls for new ways of working in inter-disciplinary teams.”

Antropología 2.0 also talked with Giulia Sinatti at the 2017 edition of the Why the World Needs Anthropologists symposium in Durham, UK, and you can hear her explain the essence of the PEOPLE project’s approach and the Dutch case study in this 2:28 min video on You Tube.  Enjoy!