The Human Show podcast episode on the PEOPLE project

PEOPLE project team members Sara Arko (Metronik), Maria Şalaru (Durham University), Gregor Cerinšek (IRI UL), and Nora Steenhuis (student at VUA) talked with The Human Show’s Corina Enache about their experiences and the learning outcomes of PEOPLE and its Learning Cycles.

The Human Show: Innovation through Social Science is a podcast series featured in World Podcasts. The podacst editors ask social scientists and practitioners from all over the world to consider the nature of people’s relationship to communicative and interactive technology and the role that ethics, power, agency and trust play in the making and performance of that relationship. Through industry perspective pieces, they also explore the businesses that influence that relationship through product design and/or innovation and consider the role social science plays in supporting their work.

In the 70th podcast episode, published on 1 October 2019 and titled The PEOPLE Project: A Learning Experiment that Helps Redefine Roles within Academia and Industry, the PEOPLE team emphasized that PEOPLE is a problem-based and project-based learning experiment and shared stories from their own experience of how this experiment evolved in practice. This includes both, creating the education process partnership between higher education institutions and industry or local government partners, as well as the project’s Learning Cycles, where, working in interdisciplinary teams, students applied their social science and/or humanities skills, knowledge, and research methodology. Finally, they provide advice for both students interested in a more practical path and professionals who aspire to continuously learn.

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