PEOPLE teams getting ready for Co-Creation Camp in Amsterdam

  • Co-Creation Camp, Amsterdam, 2018, PEOPLE project, Erasmus+, Knowledge Alliances

Social sciences and humanities students, their academic and industry mentors, and PEOPLE team members from four EU countries are getting together to share experiences and learnings from our 1st PEOPLE Learning Cycle. On 4 and 5 July 2018, they will meet in Amsterdam at our first Co-Creation Camp, hosted by PEOPLE project partner Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in collaboration with PEOPLE industry partner Alliander. The intensive two-day programme includes presentations, workshops, dialogue tables and co-creation activities aimed at enhancing our learning process in the PEOPLE higher education – industry – students triangle. Our special guest at the event is Anna Kirah, a renowned design anthropologist.

Our 1st Learning Cycle is coming to an end – in each of the four participating countries, Slovenia, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Czech Republic, four teams have been working tirelessly on their industry-identified case studies. The teams comprised of social sciences and humanities students, mentors from the participating higher education and research organisations, and mentors from PEOPLE energy efficiency and sustainability industry partners. While the case studies were very diverse (read the students’ reflections in our 3rd PEOPLE Newsletter), the overarching goal of the Learning Cycle was to apply social sciences and humanities methods and people-centred development approaches to real-life business challenges.

VU Amsterdam, logo, building, Co-Creation Camp, Amsterdam, PEOPLE project
The first day of the PEOPLE project Co-Creation Camp will take place at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam on 4 July 2018.

Which new skills have the students of anthropology, sociology, or related fields developed during the Learning Cycle? Have the industry professionals recognised the value of people-centred approaches to the development of services or products in the energy and sustainability industry? Can educators assess the benefits of problem-based learning and academia-industry cooperation, and use them to support their teaching curricula? Can they – together – confidently voice the relevance of social sciences for industry?

CIRCL, Amsterdam, Co-Creation Camp, PEOPLE project
The second day of the PEOPLE project Co-Creation Camp will take place in CIRCL, Amsterdam.

These are some of the questions we will address during the Co-Creation Camp in Amsterdam. On the first day, the teams will share their experiences and participate in workshops and co-creative activities with Anna Kirah and PEOPLE team to reflect and build on their learnings. On the second day of the Co-Creation Camp, we will present the PEOPLE project, the role and the value of social sciences to an external audience: 30 experts in the field of sustainable living and energy will attend our afternoon event and engage in dialogue tables with members of the PEOPLE project to exchange knowledge and experiences and develop an action plan towards a PEOPLE perspective on sustainable living and energy.

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