PEOPLE Co-Creation Camp in Amsterdam was a success!

  • Co-Creation Camp Amsterdam, PEOPLE project, Erasmus Plus, Knowledge Alliances

On 4 and 5 July 2018, PEOPLE teams from four participating countries attended the first Co-Creation Camp, organised in Amsterdam. During the two intensive days, they shared their experiences in applying social sciences and humanities methods and approaches to industry settings. The special guest of the event was design anthropologist and psychologist Anna Kirah, a member of the PEOPLE Advisory Board (an interview with Anna is featured in PEOPLE Newsletter No.1).

The Co-Creation Camp marks the closing of our first Learning Cycle, in which students of social sciences and humanities were working alongside their higher education mentors and industry mentors from energy efficiency and sustainability sectors. The innovative approach of Learning Cycles, developed within the PEOPLE project, brings valuable insights into higher education – industry collaboration, knowledge alliances, the relevance of people-centred development approaches, and problem-based learning and teaching.

The Co-Creation Camp was devoted to assessing the lessons learned by all three involved groups – students, higher education mentors and industry representatives. Through workshops, moderated discussions, and co-creative activities, the 34 participants were also building up on their insights to elaborate on the added value of social sciences and humanities for the energy and sustainability industry. On the second day, these insights were shared and discussed with an audience of 30 Dutch energy and sustainability experts.

See the first visual impressions below and stay tuned for reports and outcomes!

Co-Creation Camp, Amsterdam, Vrije Universiteit, VU Amsterdam, Learning Cycle
The first get-together of all four PEOPLE teams on the evening of 3 July 2018 at VU Amsterdam.
Co-Creation Camp, PEOPLE project, Erasmus+, VU Amsterdam
Keynote talk by Anna Kirah, design anthropologist and psychologist, 4 July 2018, VU Amsterdam
Co-Creation Camp, PEOPLE project, Erasmus+, Amsterdam
Workshops aimed at co-creating and building up on insights and experiences in people-centred development and design approaches.
Co-Creation Camp, Amsterdam, PEOPLE project, Erasmus+
C-Creation Camp event with Dutch sustainability and energy experts on 5 July 2018 at CIRCL, Amsterdam