New Video! Sustainable Living and Energy: Towards a PEOPLE Perspective

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PEOPLE project organised the Sustainable Living and Energy: Towards a PEOPLE Perspective event as part of our first two-day Co-Creation Camp, where teams from the four participating countries got together to share and discuss the results of their research on real-life, industry-relevant case studies. Special guest speakers at the event were Anna Kirah, design anthropologist and psychologist and member of the PEOPLE project’s Advisory Board, and Dan Podjed, applied anthropologist and PEOPLE team member. Take a look at how it went in our newest video!

The event was organised at CIRCL in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Students, university members, industry representatives, and sustainability experts from outside academia were sharing their experiences with people-centred approaches in sustainable living and energy. Over 60 participants from the Netherlands, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom explored the added value of social sciences for innovation, industry, and policy.

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