Co-creation Camps

Co-Creation Camps are the finale of our Learning Cycles, where the four national teams meet in one place over two intensive days. The students, academic and industry mentors from all four participating countries  get together to share and discuss the results of their work on individual case studies. They present their research and development methods, as well as the project results to an international public from academic, research, and business environments. Each Co-Creation Camp featured a dedicated session and co-creation workshops led by a renowned practitioner of people-centred design and development approach.

Two international Co-Creation Camps were organised during the project financing period. The 1st Co-Creation Camp was held in Amsterdam on 4 - 5 July 2018, featuring a renowned design anthropologist and psychologist Anna Kirah, plenty of workshops, co-creative activities, and an exciting event Sustainable Living and Energy: Towards a PEOPLE perspective. The 2nd Co-Creation Camp took place in Ljubljana on 3 - 4 July 2019, featuring Prof Dr Sarah Pink, a world leading design anthropologist and director of the Emerging Technologies Lab at Monash University, and concluding with a symposium Forget about users - start thinking about people!

Follow the links below to read, see, and hear more about the two events in our multimedia display!

1st Co-Creation Camp

2nd Co-Creation Camp

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