Czech Case study: People-Centred Approaches to Reduce Energy Consumption in Buildings

In the Czech Republic, PEOPLE team uses social science knowledge and people-centred approaches to reduce energy consumption in public buildings, bringing together students of sociology, academic mentors, and an energy management company.


On Monday, 8 January 2018, four industry professionals working for the Czech company and PEOPLE industry partner Výzkumný ústav pozemních staveb – Certifikační společnost s.r.o. (Building Research Institute – Certification company Ltd.) attended a training at Charles University in Prague. At the training, Charles University students involved in the PEOPLE project and their professors explored and discussed with business representatives how social sciences and people-centred approaches may benefit building certification process in general and VUPS in particular.

MSc students in sociology who participate in the project presented to the business partners how efficient the behavioural intervention might be in reducing the energy consumption in public buildings. Further, they introduced the design of the intervention study they had prepared with their academic mentors. The course of the first phase of their intervention study conducted in November and December 2017 and its preliminary results were discussed. Together with their business partners, the students were looking for the solution how to increase the engagement of public buildings employees in the subsequent phases of Czech case study.



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